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CrossFit is a highly effective and efficient strength and fitness program proven to deliver superior results. CrossFit Protocol provides the best experience anywhere, in our delivery, in our facility, and in community. What we do is fun and engaging, but challenging — in a good way. You’ve never found a system that makes you work so hard towards your goals without realizing it. And trust us, you’ll want to come back for more. Uncover and grow your inner athlete to become the best version of yourself with CrossFit Protocol’s array of programs designed to suit your fitness needs. Our members come for the classes but they stay for the bond in our community. We love to have fun; we love to play. It’s the community that creates an environment of success and achievement. It’s like you’ve got a squad of teammates behind you at every class, with a hard-charging, motivating, and dedicated coach leading the team. No matter your current fitness level or athletic history, we’re fully equipped with the knowledge, experience, and equipment to help you achieve whatever fitness future you envision for yourself. There’s so much more CrossFit Protocol has to offer. Find out for yourself — come play with us. 

It never gets easier. You just get better. 

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Our World-Class Facility

CrossFit Protocol’s facilities are truly world-class and one-of-a-kind. We’re equipped with the best in CrossFit and fitness. In our spacious 12,500 sq. ft. facility, you’ll find every broad-range to specialty piece of equipment you can imagine. From indoor and outdoor training areas, to professional quality turf, rows of Concept 2 rowers, Air Assault bikes, glute-ham developers, sleds, dozens of barbells, and 10,000+ lbs of weights of all kinds. No other gym anywhere is able to provide a better training experience. The equipment is just the start. CrossFit Protocol has amazing extras no other box can offer: showers, changing rooms, a kitchen, and an athlete lounge with flat screen TVs. Our workouts may get intense and down-and-dirty, but here you’ll find an unmatched, upscale fitness facility. 

  • It’s been a year and a half now that I have been a member of protocol. I’m now at a reasonable weight and am even competitive at times. I have my wife and two of my four daughters involved. My 15 year old daughters have found an identity as strong young women because CrossFit has given them discipline, fun and a strong body.

    Scott Schoel

  • I am so thankful that CrossFit Protocol is in my community. I am so thankful for all of the coaches at Protocol. Each coach is unique in personality, but all are caring, kind, knowledgeable, and good at teaching. Protocol makes CrossFit accessible to everyone at every level!

    Hedy Pickering

  • Now that I am approaching my 1 year mark of CrossFit, it has honestly been the best decision of my entire life. I love my body and it feels great to finally look in the mirror and feel beautiful! I love how everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and helpful. My workouts are never boring and I have some pretty awesome friends! Thank you CrossFit Protocol for changing my life! It has been an amazing experience!

    Julie Hardin