Zercher Carries

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This week we have sandbag zercher carries programmed in a couplet with push presses.

  1. The sandbag is unstable and will develop great core strength.
  2. They are functional, they simulate odd objects in life you might have to pick up and carry.
  3. They develop muscle groups in the posterior chain that are often neglected.
  4. The are great ways  to improve conditioning, work capacity, and mental tenacity at the end of a workout.
  5. They’re fun.

We will be looking for these points of performance while you complete these carries.

  1. Athletes will be asked to carry the sandbag in the crook of their elbows, stay focused on keeping their and core engaged.
  2. Walk with feet facing forward using heal to toe strikes.
  3. Focus on not dropping the bag until the end of the walk.