What’s going on?

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I’m excited to be entering this next week of training.  Since the end of the open we have been in a strength cycle that covers the front squat, back squat, and push press.  To be more specific this part of the cycle is called the hypertrophy phase.  The purpose of this phase it to increase muscle size, strengthen ligaments and tendons, and produce a solid base to grow overall strength moving forward.  That’s really the basics of it and as you have seen we have been doing more reps at what feels like lighter weight.  Moving forward we will hit a power phase and a maximum power phase.

At this point, its important to make a very important note.  The following are in order of importance when it comes to the world of strength and conditioning.

  1.  Community:  We would all be little  lost without the sense of accountability, friendships, and community that our box has built through the years.  Case and point, have you ever received a text that looked like the following:  “Hey were going to do that workout?”  Has that text back and forth with the friend led you to do the workout.  I’m willing to bet more often then not that accountability has helped you get up to the gym.  Have you ever eaten a meal that friend and talked about a WOD?  Hate it or love it, you’re talking about it and that gives you the accountability and love for training that you need.
  2. Coaching:  There is no doubt in my mind that we have the most dedicated coaching staff.  Raise your hand if you ever texted back and forth with coach about your performance, a wod, what you ate last night or anything dealing with CrossFit.  My hand is raised with you.  Our coaches are dedicated to continually learning the most efficient and applicable ways to help you on an everyday basis.  Coaches are currently seeking out new opportunities to learn so that they can  better serve you and help you meet your training goals.
  3.  Programming:   There is no such thing as perfect programming.  There is no such thing as perfect programming.  There is no such thing as perfect programming.   You can spend your entire life looking for the perfect combination, it doesn’t exist.  However, you can use scientifically sound principles so that you can ensure the health of athletes.  So you might be surprised to find this one last on the list, but it’s where it falls.  What it doesn’t mean is that you can just throw random programming against the wall and hope that it sticks.  Programming is a lot of science and a lot of subjective art.  One of the things that I have been working very hard to do over the last 10 weeks is to make sure that our athletes stay healthy and that our programming is  fun and scientifically backed.  I’m never satisfied and I’m always looking to make sure that I get as close to perfect as I can.

I hope this helps provide some insight into our programming, our community, and our coaching.  Can’t wait to see you all crush some goals this week.  Remember to keep those reps nice and fast.