Ready? We know you are!

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Good evening Protocol,
Today marks an important day.  Today marks a very important day.  Today is the day that registration opens for the 2017 CrossFit Open.  Today is also the day that you, yes you, commit to doing the open.  Last week we talked about making SMART Goals.  Hopefully you have had time to reflect on you 2016 and look forward to 2017.  The 2017 Open marks your first true test of fitness.
For those new to CrossFit, the Open is a series of 5 Workouts released during 5 consecutive weeks starting February 24th.  Every Thursday, Dave Castro, head of CrossFit, releases a new Open workout. In years past, we have gathered as a gym on Saturday mornings to complete the workout.  The biggest emphasis is that we come together collectively to cheer and push each other to break through what we might have previously thought was impossible.
Now, I know.  Some of you reading this are going to be hesitant about signing up for the open.  For you, I have compiled a list of the top five reasons you should compete in the 2017 CrossFit Open.
5.  Community:  We are stronger together.  The gym is packed, your friends are cheering you on.  Take a minute to think about that! You are surrounded by people who want nothing more than to see you succeed. How powerful is that?
4.  It’s a good workout:  Every year Dave Castro and his team come up with some great workouts that are guaranteed to leave you questioning why you signed up for The Open.  However, the bond of the community (see above) makes the workout well worth it.  There’s power in suffering together.  As we like to say, #misarablefun.
3.  You want to test yourself:  The Open is the perfect time to assess where you are as an athlete.  What are your strengths? (Yes you have some, and yes, I’m looking at you who just said you didn’t.)  What are your weaknesses?  In assessing these two items, you learn more about yourself and become empowered to make SMART Goals for the remainder of 2017. Get with a coach, let them know, come up with a plan.  Attack. #crush2017
2.  You’re going to do something you didn’t think you could do:  Every year, and I mean every year, people push past the pain, the fear, the anxiety, the lack of air, the weight, and do something they never thought was possible.  They push to a new level they never knew they had.  In short, athletes grow intrinsically and know they are faster and stronger than they ever thought.
1.  It’s your journey, write it:  The Open is for YOU!  It’s part of your athletic journey.  Every day you show up to the gym, you are writing another page in you book on becoming a stronger athlete.  Don’t leave out this chapter because you are afraid of what others might think. Again, this is for you.  We are blessed to have a gym of strong athletes who show up every day and put in hard work.  I’ve witnessed everyone of you work through some extremely hard workouts and strength cycles.  Write the next chapter of your journey and be proud of it.
There will be a sign up sheet in the gym.  We need everyone to sign who is going to be competing(read: All of you will sign and then register for The Open).  If you have registered online at, then sign this sheet.
We are in this together.
We are proud of all of you; let’s conquer The 2017 Open together.