New Strength Cycle, Fat Santa is right around the corner!

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We are about 10 weeks out from Fat Santa!  Unfamiliar with Fat Santa?  That’s okay.  Fat Santa is a day where we test what used to be known as the CrossFit Football Total.  You will have time to test your one Rep Max in the Squat, Bench, Power Clean, and Deadlift.  It’s an awesome day spent cheering fellow athletes to crush PRs while crushing your own PRs as well.  

Leading up to Fat Santa we will implementing a new strength Protocol (see what I did there), called APRE (Autoregulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise.  It’s a unique program that allow athletes to vary the numbers they lift from week to week based on how they sleep, eat, or stress.  In other words, the program will regulate itself based on your current condition.  The sets will go relatively quickly and we will accumulate a lot of volume during this time.  I’m going to put a couple examples of how the program using the back squat as an example.  Take a look and be thinking about some numbers that you want to play around with.  With Back Squat and Bench we will be following using the APRE6 Program.  

Step 1:  Estimate your 6RM Back Squat, don’t think percentages.  We aren’t concerned with the 1RM.   It won’t be necessary for this program.

Step 2: Follow the recipe.  All Sets are based off this estimation. After the estimation the sets and reps will go as follows. 

6RM Estimate is #250

Warm Up

Set 1: 10 Reps @50% of 6RM = #125

Set 2: 8 Reps @75% of 6RM = #185

Set 3: 6 Reps  @90% of 6RM = #225

Set 4: Max Reps @ 6RM = This is where you really push hard to get as many reps at #250 as you can.  Go to Failure and use spotters.  

Set 5: Max Reps @*Adjustment Set Weight* Here is where you will subtract, stay the same, or add weight to the bar.  Below you will find the adjustment procedures.  If, in set 4 the athlete got, 12 Reps of 250.  They would need to add 10% of that weight to the bar for set 5. Likewise if they had only managed 2 reps they would take 10% off of the bar.  

Adjustment Set Weight Guide:

*Add or Subtract 5-10% of weight on the bar based on Set 4 Reps using the following Chart

0-2 Reps -10%

3-4 Reps -5%

5-7 Reps Keep Weight the Same

8-12 Reps +5%

13+ Reps +10%

I really look forward to seeing everyone gaining strength and being sore over the next couple months.  This strength cycle will challenge you mentally.  Push through and gain some great strength.