Meet Kesha!

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What is your past fitness history?

I have a competitive nature and played sports in high school, and played womens’ and co-ed softball for many years, but there was nothing about daily exercise or CrossFit that interested me. I had never been a gym member before.

What did you think about CrossFit before you started, and what led you to join the Protocol family?

My husband, Dallas, tried out CrossFit several years ago while I was pregnant with our youngest child. He was getting more fit by the day, and I…well, I wasn’t. He would come home talking about his workouts and the miserable fun he was having. I had ZERO interest in exercising and especially in CrossFit, so I shut those conversations down quickly.

About two years ago, I was miserable. I weighed more than I had ever weighed in my life, and the stresses of a full time job, three kids and just life in general had me down. I was scrolling through Facebook one night and saw Zeke and Lisa (two other members) post about their progress since starting CrossFit. Protocol was offering a special for the next 101 class. I read the post to Dallas, and he quickly said “You need to do it. You will love it, Kesha, if you just give it a shot. If you go through 101 and do it for a few months and hate it, you don’t have to do it anymore.” Truth be told, I only did it because he lovingly forced me to.22375216_10214877373873334_256755664_oI, like many others, had this preconceived idea that CrossFit was only for the super fit, young gym rats with muscles bulging everywhere, and I had no desire to be that person. I walked through the doors of Protocol and found it was nothing like that. There were people of every shape, size, fitness level, and age. I was encouraged by the ones many years older than me doing things I couldn’t do. I spent the next few months praying my way through every single WOD (Workout of the Day) – praying I wouldn’t die or pass out, and praying that somehow I would grow to like this crazy sport called CrossFit. Getting myself through the door was a daily accomplishment.

22375376_10214877374313345_388316415_oHow do you feel about CrossFit now? Tell us about any results you’ve experienced as a result of CrossFit. 

Fast forward two years, and I don’t like it. I absolutely love it! CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways. At 37, I’m in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally. I’ve learned not to measure my progress by the number on the scale but by the improvements in my performance and the weight on the bar. It’s been somewhat surreal to see the progress I’ve made in two years. Being strong, especially for women, is liberating.

CrossFit has become my outlet. It’s my time to focus on me and not think about my job, the pile of laundry that needs to be done, the house that needs to be cleaned, or any of the other millions of things that come with adulting. It has given Dallas and I a hobby to do together and an opportunity to encourage one another. It’s allowed us to help instill in our kids the importance of exercise and taking care of themselves. There’s nothing that makes me happier than to have the energy to chase my kids around the yard and keep up with them!

If you could pick one exercise that you never had to do again, what would it be?

That darn Air Assault bike! It’s only good for those slow strolls during the warmups. Throw them into a WOD and I’m done.

If you could design your own WOD, what would it look like?

Wall balls, sled pushes or pulls, slam balls, box jumps, dumbbell snatches…oh, and for sure a partner WOD!

What is the best advice you have for someone who may be interested in checking out our gym?

CrossFit Protocol is full of coaches and athletes who push you and encourage you
through every single workout. I can’t say enough good things about the comradery and friendships that are made when you sweat together, laugh together, and push each other to limits you had no idea you could go to.

To anyone interested in trying CrossFit, I would encourage you to just try it. Walk through the doors consistently, stick to the programming, know your limits but learn to push them, and be ready for positive, healthy change to happen!

22403913_10214877374113340_1692184866_oHow did you feel after seeing a photo of yourself today?

The pictures brought tears to my eyes. The pictures captured muscles showing that I had no idea even existed!