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2017 is here and so is that other time of the year: the time when we all sit down and think of New Year’s Resolutions.  Ugggghhhhh. New Year’s Resolutions –the thing that we break within a week.  I know, I’ve done it…multiple times.  When I take time to reflect, however, I find that I wasn’t SMART about the goals that I set.  Why did I capitalize SMART?  SMART stands for the following:

S-  Specific
M- Measurable
A – Actionable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Here’s the hitch, though.  How many people of say, I want to be in better shape by the end of next year?  It’s a vague concept without any measurable or specific standards.  We are now going to use our example member Protocol Pete (Pete for short).

Pete’s been hitting those CrossFit  workouts for a while but is still struggling with double-unders, toes to bar, mobility, and wants to lose another 5 pounds to help with his metcon times. Here’s how Pete might go about setting his goals for 2017.

Double-Unders – Since Pete can’t string more than 10 double- unders together but he can consistently do 5 DUs at a time, he sets a goal of 10 Double Unders (Measurable and Realistic) by the end of January (Timely) by practicing double unders for 10 minutes 3 times a week (Actionable).

The most important thing Pete has done here is that he has a plan.   Following this actionable plan will allow him to train and monitor his progress over time.  He can do the same thing with mobility and toes to bar.

His plan, more than anything, is realistic and actionable.  For his weight loss goals he may decide that during the month of January he will only have bread twice a week instead of 5 times a week.  He also decides that he wants to lose his 5 pounds before the start of the CrossFit Open.  In this case, he has set a timely goal that is realistic.

Part of being SMART about your goals is discussing them with others or fellow coaches.  There might be suggestions or things you haven’t thought of that will help you reach your goals.   Most importantly,  it gives you someone to hold you accountable.

Here at Crossfit Protocol, we have a white board on the left hand side of the gym.  It’s going to be erased.  So are all the regrets, would’ve could’ve, should’ves from 2016.  It’s 2017. Get with a coach and let them help you set goals for the new year.  There’s nothing more a coach loves more than to watch an athlete bust through a goal.  It’s nothing short of remarkable.  Here’s to 2017 Protocol. Let’s make it the best year ever.